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My name is Alice. I am a passionate traveler: I visited five continents and about 40 countries. I prefer traveling on my own or with my closest people and visit wild places.

The more I travel, the better I feel the vulnerability and sensitivity of the great miracle of Life, the more I understand how quickly and easily it might disappear if we won't protect it.

For a long time, I tried to find what I can for that. I am a perpetual student and, studying throughout all my life, I tried myself in very different areas. But when I started to learn filmmaking I felt I finally found my way.

I believe that nowadays video is the universal language that better than anything else can transfer to others the exquisite beauty of this wonderful world and to engage more people to think about our present and future.


  • Travel&conservation filmmaking;
  • Freediving
  • Traditional Astrology;
  • Transpersonal psychology.

  • Master's degree with honors in Psychology and Psychotherapy (Moscow State University + Moscow Institue of Psychotherapy, MQF Level 7);
  • Master's degree in Astronomy (Odessa State University, MQF Level 6);
  • "Freelance and Travel Writing" course in London School of Journalism, Diploma;
  • Adobe certification program in Adobe Photoshop, Advanced Level (Certificate);
  • Adobe certification program in Adobe Premiere (Certificate);
  • Adobe certification program Adobe After Effects (Certificate);
  • New York Institute of Photography, professional course in Photography;
  • San Francisco School of Filmmaking, course in Videography (Certificate).

Working experience

1990 - now: professional astrologer (www.astrologess.eu)

2009 – now: CEO and Owner in 'MaltaVIP Ltd' (Malta);

2003 – 2008: Co-owner and creative director in the Internet Marketing Agency 'Amibel International Ltd' (Moscow);

2002-2003: Executive manager of the Internet Marketing Department in 'Life Mode Interactive Holding Company' (Moscow, Russia);

1999-2003: Executive project manager of the P-PROFILE (professional psychodiagnostic software development) in 'Life Mode Interactive Holding Company' (Moscow, Russia);
1993 – 1999: Advisor in 'ELECS Ltd' (Almaty, Kazakstan - Malta – Moscow, Russia);

1992-1993: Advisor in 'RECCO Tourist Company Ltd (Almaty, Kazakhstan);
1991- 1992: 'Astrological Forecast' TV Program co-creator and television anchorwoman in KTK television channel (Almaty, Kazakhstan).

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