New Year in Israel!

Yes, it is almost end of August today, but who cares? :) I was busy, indeed, but now - yes, it is finished! Enjoy! :)

Malta: Faces of Autumn

Autumn in Malta is the time when, whenever you going to go, you should have sunglasses, umbrella, rubber boots and swimming suit - just in case!

Almaty: Little Trip to my Birth City

When you come to the place where you remember yourself as a child and where you've been last time 20 years ago, you can get quite a strange feelings. It is like a dream, where real, possible and unreal things merge all together. So please don't ask me what dried snakes might do near dried fruits, why the cow frolics in the Astronomical Observatory, and why the ladies decide that the place on the roadside just opposite the house of... You Know Who, is the best for a quick picnic. It is just a dreaming, is not it? :)

Should YOU go to the Central India?

Despite my wide travel experience, in India I passed through something exceptional. The magnificence of palaces and extreme poverty of huge part of inhabitants; stunning beauty of wildlife; artful design of history, culture, and religion of one of the most ancient and mysterious civilizations in the world... It is impossible to describe in a couple of words - better to see the film!

We had a private tour perfectly organized by ADI Voyages, and the "cultural shock" that a lot of people afraid about was reduced to a minimum: we had a spacious air conditioned car, 4-5 stars hotels, highly experienced driver and an amazing guide, Sujit Singh (, a wellspring of knowledge about every particular part of Indian life, culture, gods, food, and wilderness, both in present and in the past.

14 days of wild life in Amazonian Expedition

Can't forget my adventure in Amazonian rainforest I experienced a year ago. It is a little video story about the great forest and great people; now narrated.

Esala Mangalaya: Buddha Tooth Ceremonly in Sri Lanka

The hot August night, full of the mixture of smells of spices, sweets and garbage, is quickly covering the ancient city of Kandy. The streets are overcrowded with people: they stay, sit and lie - on the streets, lamps,  rubbish bins, on top of each other, on the roofs of the ramshackle houses. Sometimes the roofs fall under the weight of the people. We are also sitting on the chairs placed up one of the roofs at our own risk, and looking forward to what will happen next.

2015 in Travels

The most beautiful memories come from the travels. 2015 was rich of beautiful memories!